Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 One Little Word

Ali Edwards is someone who inspires me. Her concept of "one little word" resonates with me.

My one little word for 2012 is Intentional. I want to live with intention. To live with purpose. To live on purpose.

The word intention, as defined by, is a noun meaning "an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result" and "the end or object intended; purpose".

I want to be intentional about how I spend my time. I need to ask myself, is this something that I enjoy? Or is this just another stressor, something I do because I feel like I "should"?

I want to be intentional about who I spend that time with. Does this person build me up, or drag me down?

Intentional about how I/we spend our money and continuing to pay down debt and save. Do I really need another skein of yarn? Do I really need that latte, or would I rather go on a vacation and make a memory with my family?

Intentional about health. I need to make time for myself to eat well and exercise more. Not only will I will feel better, but I will be setting a good example for my children. And, as a start, I am signing up for the St. Paddy's Dash. Better get going on that Couch to 5K again!

Intentional about how I give of myself, both time and money. This means practicing a word that is so very hard to say... "no".

Intentional about homemaking. I think part of what I love about the holidays is the house is always ready for guests. My house should always be ready for my favourite people... my husband and kids.

Intentional about simplifying. I am cutting the clutter. I am using this calendar.

Intentional about my faith. I have committed to a good friend that I will sit with her for services, ensuring my bottom will be in a pew on Sunday mornings. For me, my faith goes far beyond Sunday morning though, so making time for my practice is important for me.

It's so easy to watch crap, read crap, eat crap... and then feel like crap. A new year is the perfect time to re-commit to the quest I began last year of living with intention.

What's your One Little Word?

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